Maleny Yoghurt

Maleny Cheese Yoghurt

Maleny Yoghurt

Maleny yoghurt mixture starts as a milk consistency, then get packaged and sealed into tubs/buckets where it is then packed into the inoculation room, where the temperature is set on high.  This temperature is required for the yoghurts to reach their pH level and for their cultures to start working, turning that milky substance into the creamy yoghurt that we eat.  Once the pH has been attained, the cheese makers then have to quickly turn the temperature back down to ensure that the yoghurt don’t over heat.



Maleny Yoghurt

Our Swiss-style yoghurt are tub-set traditional European style yoghurt, with a sharp bite.  Our natural yoghurt in this style is sugar-free and full of A, B and C yoghurt cultures.  Available in full cream and low fat, this yoghurt is made in 500g size only.  Great for cooking in sweet or savoury dishes.

Premium Natural, Skim Natural, Premium Vanilla, Premium Strawberries, Skim Blueberry.




Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt  Maleny Yoghurt Cheese Mixed Berries Sunshine Coast

Our Gourmet yoghurt is a rich Greek-style yoghurt, sweetened with natural cane sugar.  Made with healthy A, B and C yoghurt cultures, this thick and creamy texture is due to the unique yoghurt-making and filling techniques.

Made slightly differently to the Swiss-style yoghurts, the gourmet yoghurt has set, before being packaged with its finely prepared fruit.

Available in variety of flavours and sizes.



Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt





Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt Sizes